On Sat.,Nov. 7th, the Stayner Heritage Society presented a wonderful Memorial event which honoured WW2 service heroes and made us aware of the life and responsibilities of an fighter pilot and flight instructor. Major Ken Lee was the featured speaker.

The morning began with  Ken Parton  on his bagpipes, June Flynn playing old favourite war time songs , Don Doner playing The Last Post on his trumpet and a grace by Paster Merv Brockwell. Of course, food comes into play and a lovely continental breakfast was enjoyed by all. George McNabb, accompanied by June Flynn, entertained us with a great repertoire of music from both WW1 and WW2.

What a  great way to set the scene for Ted Lee's photo journey as a fighter pilot in the armed forces.His photos and personal stories were a real eye opener.

This was followed by a DVD compiled by Tom and Mike Scholte and featured photos submitted by Staynerites of loved ones that served in the armed forces in both wars. Ken Parton read In Flander's Field during this presentation.
In conclusion, a bound booklet featuring these local heroes , compiled by Mike Scholte was presented by Tom to the SHS for their archives.

Susan Brockwell asked for a show of hands as to how many had served, were still serving or had loved ones that had served in the armed forces. Almost every hand went up. Stayner had contributed well in protecting our great country. Jeff Parton tallied attendance at 90 so it was a full house.

Many thanks to the SHS planning committee for an inspirational morning.

Remembrance Day 2015

By Bev Scholte  | November 9, 2015

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