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On Wednesday February 25, 2015, The Stayner Heritage Society will be hosting  Our Annual Black History Event!   This Year we are featuring Mr. Peter Meyler, co-auther of the book "A stolen life - searching for richard pierpoint" (sold into slavery at 16 years in the early 1700's).

This event will begin at 7:30pm at centennial united church, Stayner.

By Bev Scholte  | March 5, 2015

heritage society | Black History Month Event 2015

Last Wed., Feb. 25th, the Stayner Heritage Society celebrated Black History month with the Clearview Theater Ukelele Troup giving us a half hour of toe tapping tunes from the past. From the youngest member,Hayden Warren at 7 years to the oldest member, 87 years,( no name need be mentioned but we all know him well) , the hall was a'bouncin'. There were about 30 of the 40 members to keep us well entertained with their strumming and harmonious singing. Many thanks to Gren Bray and the troupe.

This was followed by a true story, told and researched by Peter Meyler about a young black man, Richard Pierpoint, abducted from his African village at the age of 14 years and his life of slavery in the U.S., his time spent in the army and eventually his entry into Canada. His story is told in the book by Peter Meyer, A Stolen Life, which was available last Wed. Thank you to Peter for bringing this story of how this man contributed to many significant events in both U.S. and Canadian history from1758 to 1837.

In all, this was a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to next year's celebration at this time.

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