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By Bev Scholte  | November 11, 2014


heritage society Remembrance Day Celebration 2014

The Heritage Society Remembrance Day celebration was very meaningful. There were 3 presentations each from a totally different perspective, but each reflecting memories from World War 2 as they affected our local residents.

First ,Susan Brockwell (Baker) spoke about her father, Russ Baker, who had a local business, a wife, a young family and lived in the peaceful town of Stayner. Why would he go to war? Why leave his peaceful setting here. Patriotic duty called and he joined the Air Force and was involved in bombing activities over Germany during the war years. Many of his memories were not shared but his daughters, Susan and Catherine did share some of his photos and his life through a video presentation done by Tom Scholte. It was a very moving video.

Secondly, Jeff Parton shared the story of his father, Bruce Parton, who joined the 48th Highlanders at a very young age of 17 years and told the story through a soldiers perspective. In Italy, Bruce was shot in the knee and sent to a medical unit in Sicily. After a while, he was sent home to Canada. Upon being disembarked from the train via a stretcher, his photo was taken and was used nationally to sell war bonds. That photo was on display with other artifacts on Sat. Note that Jeff is wearing his father's "dog tags" naming him as a Presbyterian soldier. Bruce Parton worked for the Post Office and later became Mayor of Stayner for many years.

Thirdly, Manfred Leimgardt, told his story as a young boy growing up in Berlin during the war. After her parents separated, he was raised by Franciscan nuns, went to a school at the age of 6 years and was brainwashed to believe that he must show total obedience to anyone in uniform, the swastika and not to trust anyone not German. Later, his home was bombed and they lost everything. As a young boy, he worked with the fire brigade as all able-bodied people were in the services so the young boys had to pump the water. Later, he came to Canada and was very thankful to be in our country,have a job with Bell Phone Company and to live in our great town of Stayner. It, too, was a very meaningful and emotional presentation .

To complete the mornings program, we were entertained by the Beaver Valley Pipe and Drum Band with Ken Parton, heard The Last Post on the trumpet by Don Doner , had good food and time to reflect and socialize with friends. Thank you to the Heritage Society for a great event.

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