a future for stayner's past



SCI Teachers 1962 (approx)

Barn Raising Near Stayner

History of the stayner heritage society

By: Dorothy-Anne Millsap It all began in 1992 after the very successful Stayner Continuation School Reunion.

Many of the organizers of the Reunion felt we
should have a permanent group in the community
of Stayner, which would concentrate on preserving
the past. They knew that, as time has passed, much
of our history has been lost.

An executive Committee was formed, consisting of
representation from Stayner’s organizations and Service
Clubs. A constitution was drafted and application was
made to the Ontario Historical Society. Incorporation
was achieved in January 1998.

The Committee began by commissioning an Archives
Cabinet to be placed in Byng School to house records
and memorabilia from Stayner’s educational saga.
Remaining funds were dedicated to the formation of a
Heritage Society in hopes that a museum for the town
would be possible at some future date.

The SHS participated in the beautification of Stayner Main Street and the refurbishing of the "Fountain Park" and "Station Park" both on Main Street in conjunction with the Millennium celebration.

It also endeavored to replace the Railway Station, lost in 1986. This structure could be a place for the museum. Through a decade, various plans to rebuild the Station did not materialize because suitable land could not be found. The Society has not given up on this project.

The Society attempted to purchase Stayner Small Hall (the former Orange Hall) but this endeavor was not successful.

Each year, a " Heritage Day" is held in Station Park . In 2006 and 2007, a Big Band Dance was held in the Arena, featuring he "Toronto All-Star Big Band". During each year, through a special "Remembrance Day" program in November, and "Black History Event" in February, SHS is able to be visible in the Community. Through various fund-raising projects, membership revenues and donations, SHS is able to meet obligations while planning for the acquisition of a Museum.
To undertake projects of any nature which encourage and promote the preservation and appreciation of the unique heritage of Stayner.

To develop the study and preservation of that heritage.

To co-operate with Municipal Council, Service Clubs, and other organizations in order to best achieve this Study and preservation.

Our Goals